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5 Things Your Senior Dog Will Be Thankful For

Senior Dog
  • 5 June 2017
  • Pet Wants

When you look across all breeds, the average lifespan of dogs is between ten and thirteen years. Although we all wish that these amazing animals could live longer, the most important thing is to enjoy all the time you have with your Senior Dog to the fullest. A big part of maximizing your enjoyment is keeping your dog in good health. One way to do this is through consistent exercise. Another is by keeping up with vet checkups and vaccinations. The dog food you put in your pet’s bowl every day also has a major impact on his well-being.

While exercise, checkups and quality food will all benefit your dog significantly, aging is inevitable. And as your dog gets older, some of her needs will change. The good news is by being aware of those needs, you can continue to give your pet the highest quality of life. To help you accomplish this goal, we want to highlight five things your senior dog will be thankful for you to know about:

  1. Extra Support

Not only do dogs tend to spend more time sleeping as they get older, but their bodies need more support to be truly comfortable. Finding the right type of bed for a senior dog is very beneficial.

  1. Mobility Assistance

Mobility can become a challenge as a dog gets older. If your home has any steep gaps or steps around it, using a ramp to decrease stress on your dog’s joints when he walks over those areas will help.

  1. Optimized Diet

Nutrition is important during every stage of a dog’s life, and a dog’s the specific nutritional needs will change with age. At Pet Wants, we make it easy to provide an older dog with exactly what she needs by feeding our senior dog food blend.

  1. Staying Active

Mobility can be a common challenge with aging.  Many pet owners incorrectly assume they should limit their pet’s movement. However, senior dogs benefit most from staying active, even if it’s  at a slower pace.  Giving your dog the opportunity to get outside and continue exploring new places will benefit his mental and physical well-being.

  1. Temperature Sensitivity

Seniors dogs tend to become more sensitive to both hot and cold. You can help your dog by (both inside and outside) by watching for temperature swings and taking steps to help maintain a moderate climate as much as possible.

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